5 Tips for Graduating in 4 years

  1. Follow your Scheme
    Your scheme is there for a reason. If you stray away from your scheme then expect to be straying around campus for a longer time than you expected.
  2. Meet Often with Your Advisor
    Meeting with your advisor will hold both of you all accountable. They are there to help mentor you through classes, let you know which ones to take depending on the career path you plan on taking after college, and they can also make sure you stay on track for graduating within your desired time.
  3. Finish All of Your Work Monday – Friday
    Trust me, you will thank me for this piece of advice if you actually do it. Everything is going on during the weekend that you don’t want to miss from Work, to partys, concerts, etc. I started making sure all my work was complete during my junior year and it eliminated all of my stress going into the weekend.
  4. Stay Focused
    College has a ton of distractions that can put you further behind from accomplishing your goals. Stay focused on your desired graduation date and you will be sure to succeed.
  5. Enjoy EVERY Moment
    If you are stressing your self out all of the time, you might graduate

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