#FinalsSZN: 5 Places in DC with Free Wi-Fi to Study at Instead of the Library

  1. Tryst – 2459 18th St., NW
    Tryst offers comfy couches or tables and benches for you to lock in and finish your work. This Coffeehouse located in Adams Morgan offers unique drinks and menu items for you to indulge in while you study. If you need a boost of energy and you aren’t really a coffee drinker then, I recommend the Chaippuccino either frozen, hot or iced. Its Chai Tea with a shot of espresso that you wont be able to taste
  2. Peet’s Coffee – Multiple Locations
    Chain coffee joints typically have more locations and space than your neighborhood cafes. If you don’t want to waste your time wondering if a coffee shop will have room to accommodate you to help check off items on your to do list then hit up Peet’s to find much needed space.
  3. peets.jpg
  4. SongByrd Record Café – 2477 18th St.,NW
    If you accidentally left your headphones at home then hit up Song Byrd Record Café. Great playlist going, friendly staff, fast Wi-Fi connection and clean restrooms for you to spend the day here and get all of your studying done.
    songbyrd 2
  5. Maketto 1351 H St., NE
    The Upstairs café has an extremely nice visual appeal. When you first walk in you might be a little confused if I sent you to the right place or not but just find the steps and walk upstairs or ask one of their helpful employees.
  6. Boundary Stone – 116 Rhode Island Ave., NW
    Boundary Stone has delicious food and fast Wi-Fi. If you are looking to eat a meal instead of a typical café sandwich then this is the place for you.

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