I Think I Found the Smallest Margaritas in The World. Taqueria Nacional: Happy Hour Review

What: Taqueria Nacional
Where: 1409 T Street, NW Washington, DC 20009
Time: M-F 7pm-Close Saturday 9pm-Close
N&HH Rating: 7/10
Go for: Delicious Tacos, Beer
Don’t Go For: Margaritas! ( I know crazy right?)


Location 10/10: Taqueria Nacional is located on T Street NW one block up from the Trader Joe’s on 14th Street. The closest metro station is the U Street Corridor and is between a 5-10 minute walk. There are ample bus lines that run adjacent to the location and you can quickly arrive by taking the 52,53,54,90,92,96 bus routes. If you plan on driving, street parking around 14th and T street is not too much of a hassle and should take you under 10 minutes to find a spot in walkable distance to the restaurant.

Drink Selection 2/10: Hopefully you read the title before reading the article, and to answer my own question, YES, I did find the world’s smallest margarita and if there are any margaritas in the world smaller then this and with the little amount of alcohol content then shame on whoever offered that drink. When I asked for their frozen margarita and the lady behind the counter first passed me the glass, I swore I was being pranked. For $7 dollars I paid for a small, itty bitty,  barely 8

Taqueria Nacional Frozen Margarita

Frozen Lime Margarita

oz. glass of a lime margarita (the picture makes it look alot bigger but do not get fooled) . I thought since the drinks were so small that the alcohol was  really going to pack a bunch, but once again to my disappointment, IT DIDN’T! Aside from margaritas, they offer an assortment of beers that you can purchase by the bottle or can, no draft here.






Food Selection 8/10: The tacos were delicious! Authentic street style tacos. The food line is set up like Chipotle, so you tell them how many and the type of protein you would like, then you move down the line add your toppings and sauce, and finally you pay.



(From Left to Right) Egg & Green Chile, Fish, and Shrimp


Price 5/10: For cheap food, go to this establishment at anytime, but for cheap drinks only go during the listed happy hour times. If you are in the mood for a margarita and its before 7pm, then find another spot to get one because a tiny margarita for $7 is not worth is. After 7pm (during the restaurants official happy hour) the margaritas are $5, so if you missed your regular happy hour times, then this would be the only reason why I recommend you to get drinks at this establishment. The tacos run between $3-$4 depending on the type of protein you choose and depending on how hungry you are you will more than likely become full off of 2-3.

Ambiance 10/10: The restaurant was clean and easy to navigate. There is an outdoor patio in front of the restaurant but it was mostly being used by guest who had dogs. For those of you looking for a Pet Friendly environment, then this is the place for you.


Service 8/10:  The staff was very helpful in recommending their favorite tacos as well as informing you of the best toppings that compliment the protein you chose. Maybe before purchasing margaritas the staff should show you the size of the margarita before purchasing (Just saying).



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