$2 Tuesday or $2 Scam? Satellite Room: Happy Hour Review

What: Satellite Room 
Where: Shaw/Howard Univ./ U Street, 2047 9th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 (Next to 9:30 Club)
Time: Drinks 5pm, Food 8-10pm, Monday-Friday
N&HH Rating: 8.6/10
Go for: $2 mixed drinks on Tuesday
Don’t Go To: Drink and Eat together. Drink happy hour is 5pm-8pm, Food happy hour 8pm-10pm (at least that is what my group was told when we came on a Tuesday)


Location 10/10: Satellite Room is located right next door to the popular 9:30 club, and a short walk from the campus of Howard University. It is within easy access to public transportation, the closes metro station is U Street Corridor on the green and yellow lines and is within short walks from bus stops along the 70,79,90,92,96 routes. Although parking is very competitive for most restaurants located near U street, I rarely have problems finding a parking spot within a short walk to the restaurant.

IMG_9408 - Copy


Drink Selection 10/10: On Tuesdays, you are free to  use your creative ability to order any rail drink for the price of $2. So all of your mojitos, whisky sours, or rum and cokes, shots, etc.  are available to your delight for a couple of dollars. I don’t think you can get any better than that.  I got one tequila sunrise and one whisky sour that were shaken well.  My friends ordered mai tai’s, rum punch, and old fashions.

Food Selection 6/10: There wasn’t much to the food happy hour menu for Satellite Room. You can find simple American eats like burgers, fries, wings, etc.  The restaurant staple are tater tots and we were extremely excited to see that their were different seasonings that could be added to them. My friend and I decided to try the old bay tater tots with barbecue wings. It was decent and filling to say the least, nothing special, just simple bar food. The selection was not grandiose either, but if you are just looking for something to fill you up and curb your appetite then I believe this bar will do the trick.

Price 8/10:  I personally thought it was strange that there were different times to receive happy hour deals  for drinks and food. I arrived at around 5:30pm and was told that happy hour food deals for burgers and tater tots did not being until 8pm. During food happy hour you get $5 tots and $10 burger and fries. Obviously, I was not going to wait another 2 1/2 hours just to get $2 off on food so I  went ahead and bought my wings and tots for the full price. My tots were $7 while my wings

Ambiance 10/10: Clean, not extremely crowded but the volume  could fluctuate  depending on whether or not the 9:30 club is hosting an event. Variety of music playing in the background varying from soft rock to pop music (not a lot, if any, rap) . Diverse crowd.

Service 8/10:  Even though our server had a huge section of people to take care of, she was very patient, answered all of our questions and gave recommendations on the strongest drinks to the best food. She brought our drinks out in a timely fashion but the food took about 20 minutes to arrive at the table. The restaurant was very busy so the wait time on food was understandable but so if you are looking to get in and get out then maybe consider a different option.



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