Everything might be bigger in Texas, but is it necessarily better? Tortilla Coast: Happy Hour Review

What: Tortilla Coast
Where: Logan Circle, 1460 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20001


Happy Hour Menu

Time: 3pm-7pm, Monday-Friday
N&HH Rating: 7/10
Go for: Margaritas, small plates of Mexican food

Don’t Go for: Cocktails or Mixed Drinks, anything aside from Mexican food


Location 10/10:Tortilla Coast is located in Logan Circle a few doors down from the Whole Foods Market. The location is not far from the metro, the nearest one is in DuPont Circle and is about a 10-15 min walk. It is along the G2,G8 and P6 bus route. There is also garage parking on P street. (Secret: If you do plan on driving and do not plan on staying in the restaurant for more than 2 hours, after your visit go to Whole Foods buy a small item and have them validate your parking for free!)


 Drinks  6/10: Tortilla cost does not offer the most extensive drink selection for happy hour, but if you want draft beer, house wine, or a decent margarita on the rocks then this is the place for you.  Nothing special about the way they make it, just the typical Sauza Blue Tequila, and sour mix, and triple sec, BUT they do offer a few different flavors, strawberry, blood orange, prickly pear, pomegranate and mango. Don’t  make the mistake of getting their large “Texas Sized” margaritas during happy hour, it is cheaper to buy 2 happy hour margaritas.

IMG_9376 - Copy

Blood Orange Frozen Margarita

I made the mistake of getting a frozen texas size blood orange margarita, and I can honestly say that I have had much better frozen margaritas from multiple restaurants and bars. Although you’re not supposed to have a strong tequila taste in margaritas, after drinking 20oz of my margarita, I began to wonder if there was any alcohol in my margarita at all. I would recommend getting the margarita on the rocks because you can atleast see the bartender pouring the tequila into your cup and not have to wonder if you got scammed for your money.




Food Selection 6/10: There is not a large selection of happy hour food either. You have the option of guacamole, quesadillas, queso, nachos, or pork sopes. My friend and shared the guacamole. Once again the guacamole wasn’t bad, but it definitely was not close to the best but for $6 it did the job of curbing my appetite for the moment.




Price 10/10:  Margaritas, craft beers and wines are $5, draft beers $4. The food options are all $4 with the exception of the guacamole which cost $6. I felt the options were a good price for what was offered.


Service 7/10: Our bartender was extremely busy because we did decide to go on National Margarita Day, but he did make our drinks quickly and brought our guacamole out in a decent amount of time. I did feel like he could have told us that for happy hour it would have been cheaper for us to just get 2 happy hour drinks instead of the Texas Sized drinks which cost more.


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